Avalanche Course Map

48 FreeRiders always recommends that you do an avalanche course before heading into the backcountry. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the backcountry or just need to refresh your skills, you can never be too prepared.

Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere and covid is still causing restrictions and closures in most countries. We are therefore expecting to see more people in the backcountry skiing and snowboarding this winter. This exponential growth in the backcountry cannot happen safely without a proportional growth in the people doing avalanche courses.

This is why we at 48FreeRiders have made an interactive map full of high-quality avalanche courses around the world. We believe this map will make it easy to find an avalanche course close to you, making sure that everyone who enters the backcountry will enter it with some knowledge about avalanche awareness and backcountry safety.

All courses on this map will live up to the following requirements

  • Run by a qualified mountain guide or avalanche course educator
  • 2 Days minimum
  • You will learn the following skills on these courses
    • Avalanche formation and release
    • How to identify avalanche terrain
    • Using tools like avalanche bulletin, forecast etc. to mitigate your avalanche danger and stay safe
    • Using appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
    • Introduction to use of avalanche equipment and rescue scenarios
    • Develop a trip plan based on snowpack, weather and terrain options



We won't be able to get every single course in the world on our map straight away, but as we grow it will progress and get better with more courses.


Do you know about any avalanche courses that live up to our requirements, but isn’t on the map or are you running an avalanche course that you would like to be on our map, then please get in contact with us.

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