About us


What is 48 FreeRiders?

48 FreeRiders is an online community connecting skiers and snowboarders from around the world. This social media based platform can be used to share your adventures, knowledge, and unique experiences with other FreeRiders and backcountry enthusiast.

48Freeriders Mission:

TO BUILD a community where information, knowledge, and experience can be shared to increase understanding and promote safety while traveling in the backcountry.

TO CONNECT FreeRiders around the world to allow people with similar passions to meet; whether they live in the same mountain range or across the world.

TO INSPIRE other FreeRiders through sharing adventures, achievements, and safety knowledge.


We have based our community around Instagram and Facebook to make it easy for everyone to be part of the community. We have created a Facebook group dedicated to the members of the community, where you can share your tours, knowledge, experience as well as finding other freeriders in your area. On Instagram we hope you will tag us in your stories and posts so we can share them with the community as well as provide avalanche awareness updates of what you guys have seen out there. What was the main dangers you were facing, when did natural avalanches start to occur etc?


48 FreeRider Origins:

48 Freeriders was created by Mathias Bjorn. He is a Danish ski instructor who loves the mountains and skiing more than anything in the world. He has spent the last 6 years skiing and coaching all over the world. Skiing has brought Mathias throughout the Alps to the Candian Rockies and all the way down to the Australian backcountry. Throughout his experiences he recognised that every FreeRider is a sucker for a powder day, but many aren’t aware of the real risk and danger that comes with enjoying what the mountains have to offer. 

Mathias noticed that many people do not have the knowledge or proper gear when it comes to skiing or riding in the backcountry. He saw an opportunity to create a community where ideas, experiences, and knowledge can be shared to help skiers and riders have safer backcountry adventures. As the 48 Freerider community continues to grow more information can be shared to create a safer environment in the backcountry while celebrating exciting adventures and achievements.


The Gear:

Show your support for the 48 FreeRide community by getting your own exclusive eco-friendly beanie. This beanie should be worn proudly to show your support for the community, and for others to recognise a fellow FreeRider when out and about in your mountain community. 

The sales from 48 FreeRider merchandise will be used to put on social events and lectures featuring mountain guides and other experts in the industry. These events will further connect our community while achieving the main objective of the increasing safety awareness in the backcountry.