48 FreeRiders community is at the moment based on Instagram and Facebook. We have decided to use these platforms to make it easy and convient for our members to join the community with out the hassel of creating new accounts and learning to manage a new platform


On Facebook we have created a group for our members, where we hope that our members will post their tours, experience and knowledge as well as using to find other freeriders in their area.

Link to our Facebook group


On Instagram we will be sharing our own tours, avalanche awareness content that we create in collaboration with mountain guides, tours that members of our community tag us in or use #48FreeRiders, as well as sharing all the backcountry skiing and snowboarding stories we are getting tagged in.

Keep tagging 48 FreeRiders and using #48FreeRiders to share your adventures, experience and knowledge with us.

Link to our Instagram


48 FreeRiders want to keep improving our avalanche knowledge and grow the community bigger and better everyday and we hope you want to be part of the journey and help growing the community by sharing it with all your freerider and backcountry friends.


Earn your turns while staying safe to shred another day!